Faces of MMAeth

Some people in the world say that Cage Burn does not care. They say that we are ‘haters’ and we make fun of people all of the time. This is simply not true. We care. We care a lot. We’ve decided to take this ‘caring’ to the next level and spread public awareness about a problem that is wreaking havoc on our MMA community: MMAeth.

Young, old. Rich, poor. Ugly, less ugly. Fighters from all walks of life, shapes and sizes have been wrapped in the grips of this MMAeth epidemic. This page was created to try to bring light to the plight of these young men and women. Some say we’re naming and shaming. Anything to save someone from a life of heartache and pain.

Faces of MMAeth

brandaoDiego, age 28 – Fortaleza, Brazil

Diego had seemingly turned his life around. From a young age he had been surrounded by gangs and drugs. An incident in December 2013 in which he threatened to stab a co-worker was seemingly brushed aside as a light joke at the company Christmas party (you remember when you tried to impale Steve from the warehouse after a few amber ales). But recently, the relapse into total chaos and self-destruction is complete. I mean, pistol whipping strip club employees. Diego, we beg you to turn your life around, and so we share your story.

Tony Ferguson FoMTony, age 32 – Oxnard, CA

Tony was feeling like a superstar. He had won a competition in his field of work and was considered to be an up-and-coming talent. He sat at the pinnacle of success. But what goes up, must come down… And Tony came down. We hope that he may one day regain that lust for life that saw him reach all his goals. His story can be read here.


FoM - Jon JonesJonathan, age 28 – Rochester, NY

A promising career is jeopardised by MMAeth’s vice-like grip. Erratic behaviour such as fleeing the scene of a crime with fistfuls of cash and purchasing African cats were the canary in the coal mine. Can young Jonathan keep his tenuous grasp on reality? Read his story here.


FOM_McGConor, age 27 – Dublin

With his whole life ahead of him, young Conor turned to MMAeth, which led to delusions of grandeur and bizarre behaviour. The before and after is shocking. Click through to hear his story.