ANNOUNCED – GSP’s opponent for UFC200

Capping off UFC’s historic July 9th marquee event, a bald white man in a suit today announced that a card which has so far received a so-so reception from fight fans is to be dragged into further random obscurity with the announcement that one of the promotion’s most highly regarded (and decorated) stars will return for a rubber match against one of his former rivals – and the only man to take the title from him.

This Level 3 Fire Dwarf managed to claim the title from Georges ‘Rush’ St-Pierre on April 7, 2007 with a Round 1 TKO. After regaining the (interim) title from Matt Hughes on December 29, 2007, the Montrealer went on to rematch the Level 3 Fire Dwarf on April 19, 2008, taking the honours with a Round 2 TKO and defending the title nine times thereafter – the second most title defences in history, right after Anderson ‘Drugspider’ Silva.

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 10.13.31 am

The bout’s announcement has been met with widespread confusion. Kudos to the 26% of CageBurners who correctly guessed the answer in our poll two days ago!


LEAKED – GSP’s Opponent For UFC 200

With the rumour mill in overdrive all week, a source close to UFC top brass has released the shortlist for GSP’s prospective UFC 200 opponents.

Will it be classic Ryu & Ken tale of master vs apprentice?
Will it be an ascendant private investigator turned MMA fighter?
Will it be a gruelling winner-takes-all cheeseburger eating contest with a former opponent?
Or will it be a Level 3 Fire Dwarf wielding an overhand right with +10 damage?

***UPDATE*** – the news is out.