Burn the Books: UFC 197

Burn the Books is a recurring segment here at Cage Burn. Before every major event, and many of the minor ones, we will break down some of the best betting lines and give you our expert gambling advice. This week we look at UFC 197, an event featuring arguably the two best pound for pound fighters in the world. Marred by the abrupt withdrawal of Daniel Cormier, the card still packs some power with names and quality match-ups from top to bottom. Enjoy!

Conor McGregor flies into the arena a la ‘Fanman’ to drop a turd in the centre of the Octagon™: +800

Don’t believe the hype on this prop bet. Sure, McGregor might take to fancy parachuting, and he might fly into the MGM Grand Garden Arena and he might drop a turd… but that turd will not be directed at the centre of The Octagon™ my friend.

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Burn the Books: UFC Fight Night 85 – Hunt vs Mir

Welcome to a recurring segment here on Cage Burn called Burn the Books. We give you the hottest betting tips and take a deeper look into some of the stranger prop bets out there during any given fight week. This weekend the UFC is in Brisbane, Australia for UFC Fight Night 85: Hunt vs Mir.

Times an American will say the word Aussie like it looks (rhymes with saucy) instead of how it’s actually pronounced (sounds like Ozzie): 13 over/under

Take the over here. Every time the UFC comes to Australia, countless fighters, and even Mike Goldberg, try to curry favour with the local fight fans by referencing them in the local vernacular. But, like any time you use a word you’ve only ever seen written in an attempt to seem cool, you say it wrong and it blows up in your face.

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