“Dana Afraid to Really Travel Back in Time”: Scott Coker

As of late, it has become the en vogue thing for MMA matchmakers to reach into yesteryear and dust off some oldies but goodies in an attempt to rekindle some of the sport’s pre-saturation lustre. This weekend’s UFC on Fox 19 card from Tampa, Florida does just that, featuring a main event of Glover Teixeira vs Rashad Evans and a co-main event of Lyoto Machida vs Dan Henderson.

But according to Bellator’s Scott Coker, Dana White is afraid to really crank up the Delorean and take the sport for a ride back in time.

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ANNOUNCED – GSP’s opponent for UFC200

Capping off UFC’s historic July 9th marquee event, a bald white man in a suit today announced that a card which has so far received a so-so reception from fight fans is to be dragged into further random obscurity with the announcement that one of the promotion’s most highly regarded (and decorated) stars will return for a rubber match against one of his former rivals – and the only man to take the title from him.

This Level 3 Fire Dwarf managed to claim the title from Georges ‘Rush’ St-Pierre on April 7, 2007 with a Round 1 TKO. After regaining the (interim) title from Matt Hughes on December 29, 2007, the Montrealer went on to rematch the Level 3 Fire Dwarf on April 19, 2008, taking the honours with a Round 2 TKO and defending the title nine times thereafter – the second most title defences in history, right after Anderson ‘Drugspider’ Silva.

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 10.13.31 am

The bout’s announcement has been met with widespread confusion. Kudos to the 26% of CageBurners who correctly guessed the answer in our poll two days ago!

LEAKED – GSP’s Opponent For UFC 200

With the rumour mill in overdrive all week, a source close to UFC top brass has released the shortlist for GSP’s prospective UFC 200 opponents.

Will it be classic Ryu & Ken tale of master vs apprentice?
Will it be an ascendant private investigator turned MMA fighter?
Will it be a gruelling winner-takes-all cheeseburger eating contest with a former opponent?
Or will it be a Level 3 Fire Dwarf wielding an overhand right with +10 damage?

***UPDATE*** – the news is out.