Create-a-Fighter: Anna Elmose

You know when you go to look up a fight card on Wikipedia and you come across fighters with no Wiki page? WTF, right? As far as we’re concerned, anyone on a UFC card should have a page. In lieu of actual knowledge of the fighters, we here at Cage Burn have been forced to create Bios for these Wiki-less fighters. You can help!

Name: Anna Elmose

Nickname: The Fire Muppet

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Burn the Books – UFC Fight Night: Rothwell vs dos Santos

Burn the Books is a recurring segment here at Cage Burn. Before every major event, and many of the minor ones, we will break down some of the best betting lines and give you our expert gambling advice. This week we look at UFC Fight Night: Rothwell vs dos Santos. Check out the previous edition of Burn the Books.

Times the phrase “where the fuck is zagreb” is typed into Google in the middle of the night: 30,000 over/under

This is a no-brainer. Bet the over! We fight fans are not the sharpest knives in the Monkey Fight. The smartest amongst us have read on the internet that Game of Thrones is set in Croatia, but few of us expect to see that many naked people in The Zagreb. But MMA is nothing if not educational, so Google on.  Continue reading “Burn the Books – UFC Fight Night: Rothwell vs dos Santos”