Top 5: Super Model – MMA Crossovers

Alan Jouban! Hey ladies? Alan Jouban, eh?

In honour of the sexiest man fighting at this weekend’s UFC Fight Night 85: Hunt vs Mir event, nay, the sexiest man in the UFC, Cage Burn’s latest Top 5 looks at some of the more famous Model – MMA crossovers. Some of them you already knew about, but be prepared to be shocked. Cage Burn’s done it again!

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Top 5 Most Humble Fighters

This week’s Top 5 draws inspiration from every bandwagon fan’s favourite fighter, Conor McGregor. Following the Touchbutt brown belt’s surprising loss via rear naked choke to Jiu Jitsu black belt Nate Diaz, his ever flapping gums uttered the words, “I am always humble, in victory or defeat.”

Anyone with ears was taken aback by the statement from the same mouth that had said pre-fight that he could buy and sell his opponent 100 times over.

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