Is Henry Cejudo Really Rafael Dos Anjos’ Kid?

Henry Cejudo is an Olympic gold medalist. Henry Cejudo is the #2 ranked fighter in the UFC’s flyweight division. Henry Cejudo is scheduled to fight Demetrius Johnson for the championship this weekend at UFC 197. But is he all he says he is? Born in Los Angeles, California? Born in 1987? Fighting out of Phoenix, Arizona? But is he?

A shocking image emerged following Rafael dos Anjos’ (Portuguese for double anus) upset victory over Anthony Pettis to claim the UFC’s lightweight title. When dos Anjos’ family entered the Octagon to witness their father be badgered by Joe Rogan in his second language, it caught our attention that his youngest son, Gustavo, is no other than Henry Cejudo! That’s right, folks. You heard it here!

Gustavo Close Up
The same photo with a macroscopic zoom on young Gustavo.

The similarities in face and size were remarkable. We had a hunch, but we needed to do more digging. After unearthing the above featured family photo, we used the latest macroscopic zoom technology to enhance the image and hone in on young Gustavo.

There are many questions to be answered. Where was Rafael dos Anjos on the 9th of February 1987? And more importantly, where was he 9 months before that?

Could this be the first father and son duo to hold gold in the UFC? Crazier things have happened. Besides, in light of all the Conor McGregor craziness, a heartwarming story is always welcome.


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