Burn the Books – UFC on Fox 19

Burn the Books is a recurring segment here at Cage Burn. Before every major event, and many of the minor ones, we will break down some of the best betting lines and give you our expert gambling advice. This week we look at UFC on Fox 19, a fight card expected to take us back in time until Lyoto Machida was scratched. It’s the most exciting thing to hit the Tampa metropolitan area since Hulk Hogan’s sex tape trial a few weeks ago. Check out the previous instalment.


Somebody pops for steroids during the walkout: +550

There are no steroid tests during the walkouts. There’s not even really a feasible way for it to happen. It would literally take a fighter to pee their pants in fear and then fall over crotch-first onto some testing equipment owned by USADA. I know people are thinking about taking this bet based on the spirit of the times, but seriously, they’re sucking you in to take your money. I mean, who falls over crotch-first?

Pop Hot During Walkout
Literally what would have to happen for yet another person to pop for PEDs before this card.

Percentage of the crowd to leave during the main event: 50% over/under

Take the under. Tampa is a boring place. It is a place full of retirees and professional wrestlers. While Rashad Evans and Phil Davis ran off the crowd during one of the earliest events on ‘Big’ Fox, that fight took place in Chicago. People there can go to a bar, get into a fight of their own or look in a mirror and say ‘Candyman’ five times. But in Tampa? Dude, you’d be lucky if you even have Netflix to watch.

Bethe Correia gets booed by the Tampa crowd: -140

Take it. Bethe, one of the top-five ‘Pitbulls’ in MMA history, has the ignominious honour of being both the only Woman’s Bantamweight disliked by more people than Ronda Rousey and the only person with shitty enough stand up to get lit up by Rousey. And she  talked heaps of shit leading up to the fight. She really has nothing going for other than being a foreigner in Florida… oh wait.

Number of fights featuring “USA” chants during the card: 8 over/under

Certain fighters we know will be on the receiving end of a rousing USA chant. Beneil Dariush, despite being a Christian, was born in a Muslim place. Khabib Nurmagomedov is a Muslim who didn’t want his likeness (one that the UFC forced him to sign over rights to) to do Christian victory celebrations in a video game. The Tampa crowd is no dummy, and they know where the Axis of Evil resides. But is Florida Man savvy enough to determine who is the enemy during Tecia Torres vs Rose Namajunas? Both have foreign sounding names. But there are so many Brazilians and Soviets on this card that this is a no-brainer. Over!




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