First Stitch, Now Ariel… Who’s Next?

News emerged late last week that Fox Sports would be cutting ties with award-winning MMA reporter Ariel Helwani. When the news was first leaked, rumours began to circulate. While MMA fans are still in the dark as to the true motives for the separation, Cage Burn has done some digging around and what we’ve found is scary:

The UFC is targeting and purging all of Disney from the organisation.

Sage Bambi
Could Sage Northcutt be next?
We’re no conspiracy theorists here at Cage Burn, but what’s taking place is now obvious. Disney is owned by ABC, one of Fox’s largest rivals. ABC also owns ESPN, a prime competitor of Fox Sports and the industry leader.

The conflict starts at the top. Fox head Rupert Murdock once called ABC CEO Mupert Rurdock a ‘dickhead with a funny sounding name’ and relations have soured ever since. But is it fair to take it out on the employees?

In mid-2015, famous cutman, Stitch, was given his walking papers for criticising the UFC’s newly implemented Reebok uniform policy. While the deal is now widely panned for its negative impact on the fighters pocketbooks, the blue-faced alien has been unable to get his job back. His sequel and spinoff money having now dried up, it’s reported he’s hit hard times of late.

As for Helwani, some say he asked hard-hitting questions. Others say he did his job as an objective member of the media, reporting the stories that needed to be reported. Consensus is the UFC wanted ‘company men’ at Fox Sports and Helwani didn’t fit the bill. Now he’s gone from the broadcasts, relegated to his role as podcaster supreme.

The big question is: Who’s Next?



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