Magny P.I.: UFC To Launch New Series on Fight Pass

In an attempt to bolster viewership on the promotion’s online subscription network, Fight Pass, UFC mouthpiece Dana White has announced a new series starring one of their more unlikely, ascendent stars.

Magny P.I. will star Niel Magny, winner of 10 of his last 11 fights, as a laid-back private investigator who lives a luxurious lifestyle on an oft-referenced but never-seen millionaire’s estate. He drives around in his patron’s Ferrari while picking up on women and solving crime, all the while twirling his trademark moustache.

Magny’s profile has never been higher, having recently defeated Olympic judoka Hector Lombard at UFC Fight Night 85 in Brisbane, Australia. After being punched in the back of the head some 50 times in the first round, Magny recovered to deliver a comeback performance for the ages. Lombard was vanquished early in the 3rd round earning Magny a likely top-10 ranking and a pending step up in competition. He’s fast becoming one of Cage Burn’s favourite fighters.

Conor Dana Joyride
Millionaires are prone to let subordinates ride in their sports cars.

Millionaire’s frequently allow up-and-coming fighters to ride in their sports cars and live on their properties, so the premise will come as no surprise to ardent fight fans. The fact that Magny was chosen for the role, while not the consensus first choice amongst the viewing public, demonstrates just how fast his star is rising as he continues to climb the ranks of the UFC’s welterweight division.

The show will debut April 10th, with the entire first season being released en masse. We can’t wait!


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