Cage Burn Salutes the UFC for Giving us 4 More Months of Touch Butt

On Friday, it was reported that Conor McGregor would face Nate Diaz once again, this time at UFC 200. With the highest profile fighters in the sport more popular than ever, the event will be a landmark on the MMA landscape and is expected to be stacked, top to bottom. While an entire fight card full of stars may stir the imaginations of both hardcore and softcore fans alike, what gets us up in the morning is touch butt.

We here at Cage Burn salute the UFC for giving us four more months of touch butt. Whether touch butt takes place in the park with dorks, or in the privacy of one’s home, is not important. What’s important is that it is talked about, endlessly, from now until July.

BJJ Beats Touch Butt
One of 5 million touch butt memes to hit the Internet seconds after the first fight ended.

Accusations of touch butt were first levied by Nate Diaz during the build up to the record-breaking scrap between these two at UFC 196. Conor McGregor employs a movement coach named Ido Portal who swings pool noodles at him for inexplicable reasons, which was the inspiration for the now famous insult. Even Dana White giggled when the comment was made.

After Diaz beat McGregor solidly in the second round of the early March scrap, the Internet was abuzz with touch butt memes. McGregor may tone it down going forward, or he may not. He claimed he was humble in victory and defeat. Whatever tact he takes in the build-up to this one, expect a lot more touch but in the coming months.


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