Burn the Books: UFC Fight Night 85 – Hunt vs Mir

Welcome to a recurring segment here on Cage Burn called Burn the Books. We give you the hottest betting tips and take a deeper look into some of the stranger prop bets out there during any given fight week. This weekend the UFC is in Brisbane, Australia for UFC Fight Night 85: Hunt vs Mir.

Times an American will say the word Aussie like it looks (rhymes with saucy) instead of how it’s actually pronounced (sounds like Ozzie): 13 over/under

Take the over here. Every time the UFC comes to Australia, countless fighters, and even Mike Goldberg, try to curry favour with the local fight fans by referencing them in the local vernacular. But, like any time you use a word you’ve only ever seen written in an attempt to seem cool, you say it wrong and it blows up in your face.

Joe Rogan inadvertently calls Mark Hunt ‘Mike Hunt’ again: +150

Common sense says that Joe Rogan has learned his lesson. Sure, he used to host a game show that paid people to eat horse penises, but surely he won’t let his innate immaturity get the best of him again, would he? If he does, he can rest assured that a 41-year old Hunt doesn’t have too many more fight left in him.

Kid Rock
I wasn’t at this gig, I swear!

Dan Kelly fight makes one literally fall asleep: +280

Falling asleep during a public event is hard to do. I was once dragged along to a gig that included Kid Rock. I’m not proud of this and wouldn’t share this publicly except to try to increase SEO by using the tag ‘Kid Rock’. Long story short, I fell asleep at the gig. Now, Dan Kelly’s gym here in Melbourne is close to my house and he could potentially find me and beat me up. So, no, don’t take this bet.

Hector Lombard fights like a 38-year old man following newly-implemented extensive drug testing: -140

Is it any coincidence that shortly after the UFC brought in stringent anti-doping procedures Hector Lombard popped positive. He’s old. He’s fighting Neil Magny on the card, a man who must fight once per lunar cycle, lest he revert to his human form. Does Lombard have a chance? Does he show up in shape? Odds are no.


Brisbane River
Brown is the colour of…

Number of fans pulled out of the Brisbane River following a day of drinking that began at 10am local time: 8 over/under

There will be visitors in from out of town. People will fall into the river. But take the under here. Aussies (sounds like saucys) are accustomed to drinking heavily on a Sunday morning. Expect a few foreigners to end up spilling over, but the majority should be able to stumble from the Brisbane Entertainment Centre to a suitable park bench to fall asleep on in the afternoon sun without meeting the perils of the mighty Brisbane River’s grey waters.



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