Top 5: Super Model – MMA Crossovers

Alan Jouban! Hey ladies? Alan Jouban, eh?

In honour of the sexiest man fighting at this weekend’s UFC Fight Night 85: Hunt vs Mir event, nay, the sexiest man in the UFC, Cage Burn’s latest Top 5 looks at some of the more famous Model – MMA crossovers. Some of them you already knew about, but be prepared to be shocked. Cage Burn’s done it again!

Jessamyn Duke Face
OK, this isn’t Jessamyn Duke. This is a bit of her handy work, er… elbowy work.

No. 5: Jessamyn Duke – Everyone remembers her from TUF No.Whatever. On the show they harped on endlessly about her past life as a model. We honestly, for the life of us, can’t remember much else from that season, or any other season for that matter.

What she did to Peggy Morgan was absolutely brutal. Too bad she’s lost her last four fights and appears headed down the road to anonymity. She’ll always have Morgan’s head mounted on the wall in her den as a reminder of what her elbows once were.


Kimbo Close Up
“Buy this man’s fucking discount boat!” We can still hear the jingle in our heads.

No. 4: Kimbo Slice – What? You didn’t know?! We thought you knew.

Before Kimbo Slice shot to fame on the back of his YouTube videos showing him beating the ever-living crap out of random dudes in random backyards, he was known as Kevin Ferguson, supermodel. A young Kevin was the muse for Boatyard Eddie’s Discount Boat Emporium amongst other award-winning local campaigns.



Cindy Crawford Boxing
Crawford training Leonard at her Team Alpha Female gym.

No. 3: Cindy Crawford – What? You didn’t know?! Figures…

Cindy Crawford, at the tail end of her super modelling career went on to train MMA. Her career never quite took off, but she famously taught Sugar Ray Leonard how to defend a takedown. She would go on to open her own fight team, Team Alpha Female, and train many other luminaries in the ‘Sick Science’. One of her more famous pupils was a young Mark Kerr.


Jouban Model
Wanna cuddle?

No. 2: Alan Jouban – Alan Jouban is who every guy wants to be. He’s a dynamic striker, an up-and-coming welterweight in one of the UFC’s toughest divisions, his promotion doesn’t seem to strongly dislike him and he’s got jawline for days.

Will he ever contend for a title? We don’t know. Will he contend for hearts around Australia this weekend? Definitely. Hey Brisbane…Father’s lock up your daughters and gay sons tonight. Alan is in town.


Mike Tyson Beckford
Devastating, both in the cage and in front of the camera.

No.1: Mike Tyson-Beckford – Mike Tyson-Beckford was a true dual threat. He had both looks and the skills to pay the bills. Known for his devastating knockout power in both hands and a runway stare that would make Zoolander blush, Tyson-Beckford ruled the early 90’s like nobody else. He made hearts flutter, he made Salt N Peppa wanna Shoop and he won multiple titles.

Where is he now? Nobody knows. After some time spent in jail for bootlegging De la Soul cassette tapes, Tyson-Beckford set a path for destruction. After one gruelling weight cut, he famously ate an opponents ear during mid-fight. After appearing in some cameo roles as himself in select movies and television shows, he’s dropped off the map. If you see this man, hide your ears.


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