Exclusive: Secret Ken Shamrock Training Video Unearthed

Following the recent announcement that Ken Shamrock failed his pre-fight drug test prior to Bellator 149, numerous questions were raised. If Ken Shamrock looked so poor in this outing, what aspect of his performance was enhanced? Does Ken Shamrock even train MMA nowadays? What game plan did he have going into his bout with Royce Gracie?

Through unnamed sources and diligent due diligence, Cage Burn was able to answer some of these lingering concerns. Crucially, we’ve uncovered a secret training video of MMA’s elder statesman preparing for the Gracie fight. Note the flop and groin clutch displayed in the video, so expertly implemented during the February tussle.

Is Ken refilling his sippy cup from the ‘Fountain of Youth?’ Wink, wink. Nod, nod. We don’t know, we don’t have cups of his pee. But looking at how old he looks in the training video and how shredded he looks clutching his nuts below, Shamrock has some explaining to do.

Shamrock Dude, My Nuts


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