Dada 5000 Returns to the Ranks of the Undefeated

Many MMA fighters have losses. A list of combatants with losses reads like a who’s who of the sport. Dada 5000, no relation to Powerman 5000, is not one of them.

Anderson Silva and Fedor Emelianenko both lost to Father Time. Jon Jones lost to the rulebook, and later, some funyuns. Georges St Pierre lost to a Level 3 Fire Dwarf wielding an overhand right with +10 damage. Dada 5000 loses to no man.

With the shocking news coming out of Texas that Kimbo Slice failed a pre-fight drug test before Bellator 149, Mr 5000’s loss via 3rd-round butt whooping, a loss which saw the clown-coiffed South Floridian hospitalised for nearly a week in its aftermath, will be overturned into a no contest.

Similarly, Ken Shamrock failed the same pre-fight test. His fight was ended early following a knee to the nuts by Royce Gracie in Bellator’s Legends Division. Both Slice and Shamrock’s showings were so poor, the idea that either fighter fought with enhanced performance is what’s most confusing for us here at Cage Burn.

The following fighters have losses:


1 Georges St. Pierre
2 Anderson Silva
3 Fedor Emelianenko
4 Jose Aldo
5 Matt Hughes
6 Jon Jones
7 B.J. Penn
8 Frankie Edgar
9 Randy Couture
10 Urijah Faber
11 Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira
12 Dan Henderson
13 Lyoto Machida
14 Fabricio Werdum
15 Chris Weidman
16 Cain Velasquez
17 Chuck Liddell
18 Wanderlei Silva
19 Ben Henderson
20 Robbie Lawler

(Table provided by Fight Matrix)



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