Cage Burn Salutes: Stockton

First there were the Vandals, who famously sacked Rome. Next came the Mongols, maurauding out of East-Central Asia to enslave half the world. And then there was the 209, wreaking havoc in Vegas and bringing UFC200 down in flames.

Today, we at Cage Burn salute the City of Stockton, California, for producing more hard men than a breakaway Russian Republic. We don’t know how they do it. They don’t have bears to wrestle. There are no mountains were people can chop wood. There are no Ivan Dragos.

There must be something in the water.

So raise a glass, to the city of Stockton. Thank you for the fisticuffs. Thank you for the middle fingers. Thank you for the trash talk. And, thank you for the Diaz Brothers.

Now all Stockton needs is a warlord.


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