Top 5 Most Humble Fighters

This week’s Top 5 draws inspiration from every bandwagon fan’s favourite fighter, Conor McGregor. Following the Touchbutt brown belt’s surprising loss via rear naked choke to Jiu Jitsu black belt Nate Diaz, his ever flapping gums uttered the words, “I am always humble, in victory or defeat.”

Anyone with ears was taken aback by the statement from the same mouth that had said pre-fight that he could buy and sell his opponent 100 times over.

No. 5 – Chael Sonnen

What? These guns?

The former middleweight and light heavyweight title contender was so humble that he walked into an Nevada State Athletic Commission hearing facing a potential lifetime ban and $250,000 fine and walked out with a job.


Dude, where’s my car?

No. 4 – Quinton “Rampage” Jackson

Aside from sexually harassing any female reporter within a 500m vincinity, the former UFC and Pride fighter had a monster truck named after himself with his own image on it. What’s wrong with that, you ask? Nothing, until you stay up for 48 hours on energy drinks and decide to run over parked cars in and around the neighbourhood.


I’m not real familiar with Anime but I’m calling this Sailor Moon.

No. 3 – Yuichiro Nagashima


While you might not know his name, if you’ve followed MMA you know there’s a dude in Japan who comes out dressed as anime characters to fight. Well, this is that dude. And, while he may not be the d-nozzle that the other names on this list are, the ‘humility’ required to show up in the ring dressed up as some Sailor Moon shit…


What the fuck is this? Why is he dressed like David Bowie in Labyrinth?

No. 2 – Conor McGregor


We’ve included his name to up the SEO on the blog. He’s in the news. He talks a lot of shit. He’s easily google-able. He says things like he could “whoop Jesus Christ” and claiming he doesn’t break the rules, he is the rule. He is humility personified and would be tops on this list were it not for…


I’m willing to leave this blank and let the readers ‘caption this’ in the comments.

No. 1 – Kanye

You’re thinking, bullshit. No, it’s true. We’re breaking news here. Kanye’s ego and humility are incapable of being confined to a single genre, form of entertainment, planet. He’s a prick who talks about himself in the third person. We’ve put him at number one, because, well… I’m tired of Conor.


Any suggestions on who should make the list, drop a comment or send us an angry tweet. Whatever’s easiest.



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